Current - 27 August2017


= Personnel served longer than

   6 months at Fort Scratchley.

AIKTEN BETTY NF445933 Signalman 22-12-1942 to 23-05-1947 Aust Womens Army Service
GLADYS GWENDOLINE NF463259 Gunner 20-07-1943 to 02-09-1944 Hvy Arty NFD D.O.B. 4/2/1918
ALLEN RUBY NELLIE NX145141(N389284) Private 06-11-1942 to 08-03-1946 Aust Army Med Womens Services
ANSTRUTHER Dorathea Mclean Cunningham NF463862 Gunner 10-08-1943 to 08-06-1945 H.Q. NSW Lines of Communication Area
ARMITT (MILEY) CATHERINE NF465111 Private 05-10-1943 to 13-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
ARMSTRONG BETTY NF410563 Signalman 14-08-1942 to 03-01-1946 Aust Womans Army Service
ARMSTRONG MARCILLA PAULINE CYNTHIA NF410571 Gunner 14-08-1942 to 08-11-1944 4 Radar Det.

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley.
AUSTIN (BEATON) ETHEL VF508480 Gunner 03-04-1943 to 13-11-1944 Aust Womens Army Service
BAKER BERYL JEAN NF462447 Corporal 29-06-1943 to 18-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
BATES LORNA MAY NF40567 Lieutenant 14-8-1942 to 29-08-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
BATES NAOMI DAWN NF410577 Private 14-08-1942 to 05-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
BATTERBURY Mary Isabel 4/5/1922 NF402192 Driver 05-07-1942 to 01-09-1945 NSW L.O.C. Area Car Coy.
BAXTER JEAN NF451996 Signalman 16-03-1943 to 04-04-1946 aust Womens Army Service
BAYLISS RUTH LYDIA NF463869 Gunner 10-08-1943 to 26-07-1944 N/ctle Hvy Arty F.D.
BEAR ANNE JACQUELINE NF454924 Gunner 06-04-1943 to 17-09-1945 L HQ S of A (AASL)
BEATON ETHEL 27/3/1922 VF508840 Gunner 03-04-1943 to 13-11-1944 A.W.A.S.
BENDY AMY CATHERINE NF460020 Gunner 11-05-1943 to 04-08-1944 N/ctle C.A.
BENSLEY IVY CONSTANCE NF410250 Private 06-08-1942 to 11-08-1944 Hvy Arty N/ctle F.D.
BENTLEY GWENDOLINE BEATRICE NF464652 Lance Corporal 14-09-1943 to 01-10-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
BIRD MARY 17/3/1921 NF445477 Sergaent 15-12-1942 to 12-07-1944 12 L of C Signals.

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
BLACKETT VALERIE JEAN NF450854 Gunner 02-02-1943 to 09-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
BOLAND MARJORIE BOLAND NF392214 Corporal 01-051942 to 26-09-1946 H.Q. Eastern Command Signals
BOLAND JANET ISABELLA NF451935 Private 16-02-1943 to 29-12-1944 N/ctle C.A.
BOLAND OLIVE NF454608 Sergaent 30-03-1943 to 20-04-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
BOOTH (RHODES) FRANCES MAY NF446843 Gunner 05-01-1943 to 01-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
BOUNDY ELUA NF445919 Private 22-12-1942 to 19-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
BOURKE MARIE KATHLEEN NF462510 Gunner 29-06-1943 to 06-12-1943 Hvy Arty Fixed Defence
BOYD BETTY MARGARET NF465630 Gunner 09-11-1943 to 26-04-1944 Coast Arty Sydney.
BRADLEY ADA MAUD NF409529 Sergaent 29-06-1942 to 3-07-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
BRADLEY PAT MAY 15/2/1924 NF409901 Signalman 08-07-1942 to 05-01-1944 Fort Signals N.S.W.
BRADSHAW PATRICIA ESTELLE NF462466 Signalman 29-06-1943 to 15-05-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
BRAZIER LOLA MARY NF464520 Craftsman 07-09-1943 to 20-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
BRENNAN NITA YVONNE NF445917 Gunner 23-12-1942 to 04-11-1944 N/ctle C.A.
BRENNAN URSULA NF464649 Gunner 14-09-1943 to 10-11-1945 1 Aust Supply Res Depot
BRENTON RUTH NF453770 Private 16-03-1943 to 12-06-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
BROOKS NORMA MAY NF454833 Gunner 30-03-1943 to 14-08-1945 N/CTLE C.A.
BROWN MARJORIE HILDA NF465110 Private 05-10-1943 to 22-05-1944 H.Q. 2 Aust Army

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
CAINE DAPHNE VIOLA NF410566 Gunner 14-08-1942 to 15-11-1944 N/ctle C.A.
CAMERON MARIE NF466627 Corporal 22-02-1944 to 04-04-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
Cameron(Quirk) IVY EVELYN NF437639 Gunner 08-10-1942 to 30-06-1945 H.Q. 2nd Aust Army
CARPENTER ELSIE HILDA BONNIE NF445928 Private 22-12-1942 to 24-04-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
CARTER EVELYN BETTY NF462530 Private 29-06-1943 to 09-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
CARTWRIGHT MARJORIE JOAN NF462524 Private 29-06-1943 to 08-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
CHERRY STELLA DOROTHY NF450966 Corporal 02-02-1943 to 24-09-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
CLARK RUTH EILEEN NF451751 Private 15-02-1943 to 27-11-1946 Aust Army Medical Services
CLARKE (TAYLOR) DOROTHY ELVERA NF445863 Gunner 22-12-1942 to 20-09-1944 N/CTLE C. A.
COLDWELL ALICE JOYCE NF454583 Bombardier 30-03-1943 to 27-06-1947 Aust Womens Army Service
COLGAN-GORE ANNETTE F2202123 Private 1982-1985 113 Fort Scratchley
CONDON SHEILA CLARE NF462507 Corporal 29-06-1943 to 20-01-1945 District A/C's Office NSW
CONNAGHAN PATRICIA NF450866 Private 02-02-1943 to 25-06-1947 Aust Womens Army Service
COWELL MARGARETTE NF450945 Gunner 02-02-1943 to 05-12-1944 L HQ SME
COX THORA MARGARET NF410568 Warrent Off C2 14-08-1942 to 16-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service.
CRAVEN MARIE MAVIS NF455925 Gunner 20-04-1943 to 30-07-1945 Hvy Arty N. F.D.

Post 1952 Fort Scrathley
CROSS MARY DOREEN NF437583 Private 08-10-1942 to 20-05-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
CURRY JEAN CHRISTINA NF463292 Private 20-07-1943 to 14-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service.
DANIELS MARIE GRACE NF392161 Corporal 01-05-1942 to 06-04-1945 A.A.P.S.
DISHER BERYL IDA NF463597 Gunner 03-08-1943 to 28-05-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
DOVATT EDNA MYERL NF463461 Corporal 27-07-1943 to 09-08-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
DOYLE ESME MARIE NF410585 Signalman 14-08-1942 to 02-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
DRISCOLL BETTY JEAN VF507977 Corporal 07-04-1943 to 10-04-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
ELLIS PHYLLIS MARGARET NF443350 Private 12-11-1942 to 25-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
ERASMUS JOY JESSIE NF463479 Gunner 27-07-1943 to 12-06-1944 C.A. /CTLE W.B.
EVERETT RUTH ELAINE NF462514 Bombardier 29-06-1943 to 09-02-1945 N/ctle Hvy Arty F.D.
FIRMAN MYRA OLIVE NF454504 Gunner 30-03-1943 to 14-06-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
FITZPATRICK HELEN NF450874 Private 02-02-1943 to 12-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
FORSYTH KATHLEEN GEORGINA FLO NF437679 Gunner 08-10-1942 to 30-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
FULTON HELEN MARY NF462196 Corporal 23-06-1943 to 13-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
GILL JOAN NF452634 Signalman 02-03-1943 to 13-09-1945 11 Aust Fort Signals Section
GILL (COLLIE) MARION VF510985 Private 07-06-1943 to 19-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
GITTENS KATHLEEN MAY NF464908 Private 21-09-1943 to 21-09-1945 3 Vehicle Park Workshop
GLANSFORD ELSIE NF445461 Sergaent 15-12-1942 to12-09-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
GOUGH ELAINE FAITH NF463870 Sapper 10-08-1943 to 22-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
GOWER Dorothy Jean NF445400 Lance Bombadier 15-12-1942 to 13-11-1944 Coast Arty N/ctle.
Graham(Batterbury) IVY NERIDA
NF454090 Private 23-03-1943 to 14-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
GRAY JEAN ROSINA NF443358 Signalman 12-11-1942 to 27-06-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
GRAY (BRAYE) JANET MARGARET NF462441 Signalman 29-06-1943 to 23-08-1945 Hvy Arty F. D.
GREAVES MARGARET ELLEN NF410727 Private 22-10-1942 to 12-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
Arty A/A Regt.
HALL Mary Muir 27-12-1918 N446079 Private 28-12-1942 to 28-02-1944 2 AWSRD.
HAMILTON NORMA MAY VF509016 Corporal 19-04-1943 to 17-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
HAMMOND MARIE MARRION NF464637 Private 14-09-1943 to 09-05-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
HANGER ELVY FLORENCE NF464686 Driver 14-09-1943 to 17-03-1947 Aust Womens Army Service
HANSON MARY YVONNE NF410581 Signalman 14-08-1942 to 07-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
HARRIS MELBA EUGENIE NF456706 Gunner 04-05-1943 to 12-05-1944 Hvy Arty N. F.D
HARVEY MILDRED BESSIE NF391036 Corporal 25-03-1942 to 15-09-1944 Aust Army Catering Corps
HASLAM ENID MAY NF410572 Signalman 14-08-1942 to 14-04-1945 18 Anti Aircraft Bty
HATCH MARGARET H. NF443351 Signalman 12-11-1942 to 24-07-1945 11 A.A.Operations Room

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
HENDERSON NANCY JOYCE NF463605 Gunner 1943? to 12-09-1944 Hvy Arty N/ctle F.D.
HEY DOROTHY HILDA NF410573 Private 14-08-1942 to 10-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
HICKMAN DORIS FLORENCE NF461543 Gunner 08-06-1943 to 04-08-1944 Kembla C.A
HIRD PATRICIA BERYL NF462308 Corporal 22-06-1943 to 29-09-1945 Land H.Q.
HODGES LAUREL BYRL NF410755 Private 25-08-1942 to 19-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
HOLLIS DOROTHY RUTH NF446845 Gunner 05-01-1943 to 02-08-1944 N/CTLE C.A.
HOOKE THERESA MARIE VF510973 Private 12-06-1943 to 30-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
HULYER SYLIVA IVY NF463267 Gunner 20-07-1943 to 24-05-1944 Hvy Arty N/ctle F.D.
IKIN VALDA MADGE NF410269 Lieutenant 06-08-1942 to 27-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
JAMES WINIFRED NF463640 Private 03-08-1943 to 25-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
JAMES Margaret Emmeline (3/6/1915 NF392198 Sergaent 01-05-1942 to 03-06-1946 Aust Womens Army Service.
JANSEN BETTY JOSPHINE NF455458 Driver 13-04-1943 to 15-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service.
JOHNSON GWENDA HELEN NF445494 Sergaent 15-12-1942 to 08-04-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
JOHNSON LOLA ISOBELL NF462520 Gunner 29-06-1943 to 03-04-1944 Hvy Arty F.D.
JOHNSON JOYCE ADELINE NF463596 Gunner 03-08-1943 to 02-08-1944 H.Q. 2 Aust Army.

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
JONES Grace Eileen (17-9-1923 NF454615 Signalman 30-03-1943 to 10-11-1945 11 Aust Fort Signals Section
JONES (HALL) MARGARET MAY NF440721 Signalman 22-10-1942 to 06-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
KEEGAN DOROTHEE ELIZABETH NF410560 Corporal 14-08-1942 to 17-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service.
KELLY JOSEPHINE BRIGID NF455906 Gunner 20-04-1943 to 25-05-1945 Hvy Arty N/ctle F.D.
KENNEDY MILDRED LILLIAN NF462469 Bombardier 29-06-1943 to 07-09-1944 Hvy Arty N. F.D.
KIELY PATRICIA NF463627 Private 03-08-1943 to 28-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service.
KOHLEIS PTRICIA GWENDOLINE NF465890 Driver 07-12-1943 to 03-07-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
KOLLIAS BARBARA NF462212 Private 22-06-1943 to 08-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
LANGLANDS MARGARET HELEN NF455894 Driver 20-04-1943 to 06-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
LARKIN AGNES JEAN NF461995 Gunner 15-06-1943 to 15-12-1943 Hvy Arty N. F.D.
LEACH MARJORIE MAY N389674 Lieutenant 16-02-1942 to 24-07-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
LINTON BETTY EILEEN NF443382 Signalman 12-11-1942 to 21-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
LIST IRENE VERA NF445499 Signalman 15-12-1942 to 11-02-1946 Aust womens Army Service
LLOYD Dorothy Jean (10/4/1923) NF437629 Corporal 08-10-1942 to 22-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service.
LLOYD GLORIA DULCIE NF454536 Private 30-03-1943 to 28-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
LOCKREY CLARICE GEM NF436545 Signalman 24-09-1942 to 21-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
LOCKWOOD MAVIS LILLIAN NF410578 Gunner 14-08-1942 to 25-10-1944 L HQ School of Arty
LONG EUNICE JOYCE NF463465 Gunner 27-07-1943 to 09-08-1944 Hvy Arty N.F.D
LYALL LAVINA NF451411 Corporal 23-03-1943 to 26-09-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
LYNCH EILEEN NF445855 Sapper 22-12-1942 to 21-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
MALONEY MAY CECILIA NF465556 Private 02-11-1943 to 10-07-1946 Aust Womens Army Service

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
MARGQUET JUNE ANN NF479378 Private 23-05-1944 to 01-10-1946 AWAS
MARK (LILBURN) MORIA NF462477 Gunner 29-06-1943 to 19-01- 1945 L HQ SME
MARSH (FAHEY) GLORIA MELBA NF450865 Private 02-02-1943 to 19-04-1945 HQ Second Aust Army

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
MARTIN (JOHNSON) NORMA HELEN NF450906 Private 02-02-1943 to 05-12-1944 HQ 2nd Aust Army

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
VF511872 Private 09-08-1943 to 19-10-1945 Driver Vic L of C Area W/shop AEME
McDougall (Boots) ETHEL PEARL
NF462187 Private 22-06-1943 to 13-09-1944 Aust Army Catering Corps
McGILVERY DOROTHY VIOLET HEATHER NF410574 Signalman 14-08-1942 to 18-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
McKAY GRACE PAULINE NF443255 Signalman 12-11-1942 to 13-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
McKELLAR THELMA MAUD NF443375 Driver 12-11-1942 to 04-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
McKEOUGH DULCIE CLARE NF456016 Private 20-04-1943 to 19-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
McLAUGHLIN MARGUERITE CONSTANCE NF462745 Corporal 06-07-1943 to 31-06-1946 Aust Womens Army Service

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
McLEAN(CONLEY) HEATHER JANE NF454100 Gunner 22-03-1943 to 10-04-1944 Hvy Arty N.FD
McNAMARA NORA EMILY NF446725 Craftsman 05-01-1943 to 07-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
McNEIL FRANCES ELIZABETH NF462518 Gunner 29-06-1943 to 17-12-1943 Hvy Arty F.D.

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
MERRIMAN LORNA GERTRUDE NF462266 Gunner 22-06-1943 to 20-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
MILLER RUTH MARGARET NF465625 Gunner 09-11-1943 to 19-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
MILLER MERLE GLADYS NF465676 Corporal 16-11-1943 to 19-09-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
MILLER MURIEL BEVERLY NF454079 Private 23-03-1943 to 05-12-1945 AWAS
MOLLOY GWEN NF455986 Gunner 20-04-1943 to 21-06-1945 H.Q. 4 A/A & Fort Coy
MORGAN OLIVE JOYCE NF462491 Gunner 29-06-1943 to 16-12-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
MORRIS DOROTHY NF463246 Private 20-07-1943 to 03-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
MORRIS EFFIE JUNE VF345124 Lieutenant 19-01-1942 to 29-11-1945 AWAS.
MORRISON ILDYCE NF454495 Sergaent 15-12-1942 to 11-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
MURRELL (Graham) ELIZABETH CRAIG NF456992 Gunner 11-05-1943 to 12-07-1944 Aust Womens Army Service
MUTTON ESME CLAIRE NF410570 Driver 14-08-1942 to 08-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
NELSON MARY JANET NF462786 Private 06-07-1943 to 18-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
NICHOLLS EDNA ETHEL NF455923 Gunner 20-04-1943 to 25-08-1944 Hvy Arty N.F. D.
NISBET CORAL JEAN NF450980 Sapper 02-02-1943 to 04-10-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
NIXON ELSIE NF455909 Sapper 20-04-1943 to 05-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
NORRIS MARY JANE NF451973 Private 16-02-1943 to 12-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
NORTHEY MAISE EVELYN NF465626 Private 09-11-1943 to 26-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
NUDD (KAY) FLORIS MARIE NF465679 Private 16-11-1943 to 19-04-1945 District A/C's Office NSW.
OLIVER ELIZABETH NF445485 Sergaent 15-12-1942 to 08-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
OLSEN DOROTHY MAY NF452333 Gunner 23-02-1943 to 30-06-1944 N/ctle C.A
ORCHARD (BUTLER) EASTHER MAIE NF450846 Gunner 02-02-1943 to 01-09-1944 N/CTLE C.A.
O'ROUKE PATRICIA CATHERINE NF437638 Private 08-10-1942 to 31-08-1945 27 Barrack AWAS
OSBORNE ANNE NF445412 Sapper 15-02-1942 to 05-04-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
OWEN IVY NF410561 Corporal 14-08-1942 to 07-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
PATTEN ENA MARY NF445883 Gunner 22-12-1942 to 04-10-1944 N/ctle C.A.
PAYNE BETTY ELAINE NF463602 Private 03-08-1943 to 11-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
PEARSON ELSPETH FRANCIS NF463838 Signalman 10-08-1943 to 22-07-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
PELL (SULLIVAN) MADGE NF445910 Gunner 22-12-1942 to12-03-1945 Service
PERKINS NORMA IRENE NF463611 Private 03-08-1943 to 20--06-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
PERKINS AILEEN MARIE NF464501 Private 07-09-1943 to 01-10-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
PETERS (Kentwell) GLADYS MAY NF454916 Gunner 06-04-1943 to 17-10-1944 60 Search Light Bty
PHEE NANCY ANNE NF462511 Gunner 29-06-1943 to 28-10-1944 N/ctle C.A.
PHILLIS NANCY EMILY NF464645 Private 14-09-1943 to 13-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
PIPER JEAN NF410576 Private 14-08-1942 to 10-09-1945 HQ Second Aust Army.
PIPER MARJORIE GRACE NF462461 Signalman 29-06-1943 to 08-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
PIZARRO GRACE ISOBEL NF461157 Private 06-01-1943 to 16-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
PORTER MARION NF434658 Gunner 08-10-1942 to 29-08-1944 N/ctle C.A.
PREBBLE BESSIE ALMA NF456659 Private 04-05-1943 to 23-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
RAY KENNAEVE NF445388 Signalman 15-12-1942 to 14-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service.
REDMAN LAURA MARGARET NF410565 Sapper 14-08-1942 to20-04-1945 Aust SME (Field
RILEY(FORSYTH) AUDREY HAMILTON NF463477 Bombardier 27-07-1943 to 19-12-1944 Hvy Arty N. F.D.
ROBINSON ALICE VERONICA NF410569 Sapper 14-08-1942 to 21-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
ROBSON JANET KATHLEEN NF446164 Private 29-12-1942 to 08-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
ROBSON NORMA ADELE NF463622 Sapper 03-08-1943 to 22-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
RODGERS JUNE BERYL NF463599 Private 03-08-1943 to 05-07-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
ROGERSON WINIFRED NF444818 Corporal 03-12-1942 to 19-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
ROSS DOROTHY MYRTLE NF451950 Driver 16-02-1943 to 02-10-1946 Aust Womens Army Service

113 Fort Scratchley
SARGAENT WINFRED EHTEL NF455962 Private 20-04-1943 to 04-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
SCOTT PATRICIA JARVIS NF453668 Gunner 16-03-1943 to 11-10-1944 N/ctle C.A.
SEARLE MARJORIE IRENE NF466713 Private 26-02-1944 to 19-08-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
SEFCO MURIEL PEARL NF463858 Sergaent 10-08-1943 to 19-06-1947 Aust Womens Army Service
SHAVE PENELOPE NF392181 Corporal 01-05-1942 to 25-08-1944 Aust Womens Army Service
SHEPHERD AMELIA NF463897 Gunner 10-08-1943 to 31-08-1944 N/ctle C.A.
SHEPPARD MERYL IRENE NF410562 Gunner 14-08-1942 to 12-09-1944 3 A.A Bty (AWAS)
SLADE ELWYN GLORIA NF454594 Private 30-03-1943 to 02-06-1944 Aust Womens Army Service
SMITH CICILY IRIS NF451962 Private 16-02-1943 to 24-04-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
SOANE JEANNE DANBY NF443401 Gunner 12-11-1942 to 25-08-1944 Hvy Arty N. F.D
SOMMERVILLE PATRICIA JEAN NF463455 Private 27-07-1943 to 27-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
SPENCE MAVIS VIVIENNE NF443437 Private 12-11-1942 to 02-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
SPITTAL AGNES NANCY NF462268 Gunner 22-06-1943 to 15-01-1945 Hvy Arty N. F.D.
STERLING AUDREY JOAN NFG4458667 Private 22-12-1942 to 04-0301946 Aust Womens Army Service
STEVENS JEAN ELAINE NF462226 Signalman 22-06-1943 to 19-12-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
STEWART JOAN PATRICIA NF454998 Gunner 06-04-1943 to 14-07-1944 60 S.L Bty.
STEWART HELEN RUTH NF462207 Bombardier 22-06-1943 to 19-09-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
STEWART FRANCES JEAN NF463301 Corporal 20-07-1943 to 13-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
STEWART LAUREL BETTS NF463293 Signalman 20-07-1943 to 20-07-1945 11 Aust Fort Signals Section
STRATH ELIZABETH ANN NF464670 Gunner 14-09-1943 to 16-06-1945 NSW ECHELON and Records.
SULLIVAN MARIE PATRICIA NF436098 Corporal 17-09-1942 to 10-04-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
SWINFIELD RITA NF454589 Private 30-03-1943 to 30-05-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
TAIT (RUSSELL) MYRA MAUD NF462527 Private 29-06-1943 to 14-07-1945 1 Aust Returned Stores Depot

113 Fort Scratchley
THOMPSON (TIER) DOROTHY RAMSAY NF462290 Private 22-06-1943 to 31-08-1944 C.A. Sydney
THOMSON ANGES EUPHEMIA NF 450979 Gunner 02-02-1943 to 24-11-1944 Hvy Arty N.F.D.
TIER MARIE SHEILA NF466650 Sapper 22-02-1944 to 07-01-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
TUTT DOROTHY ETHEL NF463636 Sergaent 03-08-1943 to 13-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
UPTON (DOYLE) MARGARET PHYLLIS NF456005 Private 20-04-1943 to 31-10-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
VIANT VIANT NF455939 Private 20-04-1943 to 14-11-1945 Aust Womens Army Service
VICKERY GRETTA ADELE NF463606 Gunner 03-08-1943 to 07-07-1945 NSW ECHELON & RECORDS
WALES BERYL DAWNE NF463628 Corporal 03-08-1943 to 28-03-1956 Aust Womens Army Service
WARD DAPHNE MILDRED DELL NF454587 Sergaent 30-03-1943 to 03-10-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
WARD HEATHER MARY NF465381 Private 19-10-1943 to 05-07-1946 AWAS.
WATSON PEGGY THORA GWEN NF440747 Signalman 22-10-1942 to 13-12-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
WEBB MELISSA NF443432 Signalman 12-11-1942 to 02-01-1947 Aust Womens Army Service
WENTWORTH MARGARET ANNE NF445418 Signalman 15-12-1942 to 11-02-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
WENTWORTH HELEN MATHEISON NF445419 Signalman 15-12-1942 to 27-08-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
WEST ALMA MARY NF463480 Private 27-07-1943 to 02-04-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
WESTENDORF DOREEN GRACE NF463485 Sapper 27-07-1943 to 17-09-1945 1 R.AET/BN

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
WHITE JENNIE DHARWAR NX112211(N409368) Private 05-09-1942 to 11-09-1944 Aust Womens Army Service
WIEDEMANN MARGARET JOAN VF509228 Gunner 20-04-1943 to 28-08-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
WILLIAMS DULCIE ALICE NF463638 Private 03-08-1943 to 01-05-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
WILLIAMS MABEL ELEANOR NFX200650(NX200650) Private 19-04-1943 to 10-09-1946 AAMWS (AIF)
WILSON EVA DORIS NF443422 Corporal 12-11-1942 to 12-12-1946 Aust Womens Army Service
WILSON OLIVE MARGUERITE NF453747 Gunner 16-03-1943 to 18-08-1944 H.Q. 60Aust S/L Bty (M)
WILSON MARGARET AMELIA NF462519 Gunner 25-06-1943 to 25-11-1943 Hvy Arty N.FD
Wilson (Cannon) Evelyn Annie Wynyard NF463261 Corporal 20-07-1943 to 25-10-45 L. H.Q. Signals

Post 1952 Fort Scratchley
WISHART DOREEN JOAN VF397825 Private 22-03-1943 to 17-12-1943 AWAS.
WOODHAM LORNA PEARL VF395752 Driver 28-10-1942 to 28-03-1946 Aust Womens Army Service

Researcher: Marg Gayler 08-15