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1907 - 1945

1907 - The last remaining 80 pdr RML guns was removed from the western barbette.


1910 - one 1.5 inch Nordenfelt gun was removed and the emplacement converted to a magazine. The 8 inch and one 6 inch disappearing guns were removed. Two 6 inch Mk VII guns on central pivot mountings were installed


1930's - (Exact date uncertain). The two remaining Nordenfelt guns were removed and sent to Sydney.


1942 - A Japanese submarine, the I-21 (video), attacked Newcastle on the 8th of June and was repelled by return fire from the Fort. Also, blast walls were added behind the 6 inch guns.

1952 - 2000

1952 - The Reserve Units were boosted by National Servicemen.


1962 - In March the last practice rounds were fired from the 6 inch Mk VII guns and the 113 Medium Coast Battery converted to the 113 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery using 40mm Bofors.


1965 - The two 6 inch Mk VII guns were removed from the Fort and relocated as monuments on Obelisk Hill, Newcastle.


1972 - 113 Battery (The last Army unit to occupy Fort Scratchley) was relocated to Adamstown, Newcastle


1978 - The two 6 inch Mk VII guns were returned from Obelisk Hill to Fort Scratchley and placed in their previous defensive positions.


1982 - The Fort Scratchley Military Museum Society was formed. (Later becoming the Fort Scratchley Historical Society Inc.).


1985 - One of the 1.5 inch Nordenfelt guns was returned to Fort Scratchley.


1992 - The two 6 inch Mk VII guns were restored by the Society and are fired regularly on Australia Day (January), ANZAC Day (April), the Queen's Birthday weekend (June), and Labour Day (October) each year. The guns may also be fired on special occasions as requested such as the HMAS Newcastle inaugural visit, the 2000 Olympic torch relay etc.


2000 - One of the 80 pdr RML guns, together with a reconstructed replica gun carriage and platform was restored to the casemate by the Fort Society.


2015 - The Fort's sole Nordenfelt gun was returned to fully functional condition and is fired on special occasions from its position in the underground casemate.




Japanese sub I-21



The Fort is open 6 days a week, (closed Tuesday) from 10am to 4pm.

Admission and self guided tours (excluding tunnels) of the Fort is free.

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